QuickLogic Adds GlobalFoundries 22FDX Process to its Growing List of Australis IP Generator-Based eFPGA IP

  • Closely follows announcement of first eFPGA IPs from Australis IP Generator for TSMC 22nm, UMC 22nm, and SkyWater Technologies' RH90 processes
  • Broad eFPGA User Tools support including QuickLogic proprietary and open-source tools

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK), a developer of ultra-low power multi-core voice-enabled SoCs, embedded FPGA IP, and Endpoint AI solutions, today announced the availability of its first customer-defined eFPGA block targeting the GlobalFoundries 22FDX® process, generated via the company's Australis™ IP Generator tool.  By leveraging a completely standard cell design approach, customized eFPGA IP generation can be completed in weeks to a few months, substantially faster than alternative eFPGA vendors.

Not only can the Australis tool produce eFPGA IP for different processes from different foundries, but the IP can also be easily and quickly customized in the future. This means that QuickLogic can deliver IP that is targeted for the customer's workload requirements as their application evolves. After the embedded FPGA block has been produced, it is supported by both QuickLogic's own Aurora FPGA User Tools as well as 100% open-source alternatives.

Several entities across several industry verticals, including IoT, industrial, consumer, and aerospace/defense, have now been able to take advantage of the many benefits inherent in embedding QuickLogic's eFPGA technology. These include enabling a single SoC to service multiple applications, each with slightly different requirements. They can also modify features or add new features to address competitive challenges or adapt to rapidly evolving standards. By adding flexibility to their SoC design, developers can dramatically extend the useful life of the SoC and amortize high development costs over a much longer period of time.

"Australis has enabled us to change the game in terms of generating and delivering compelling eFPGA IP for the foundry and process combination our customers need, in substantially less time," said Mao Wang, QuickLogic's senior director of product management. "It is working exactly as expected, and now we support the very popular 22nm node on three of the world's most popular fab processes.  We look forward to supporting many more eFPGA cores, customers, and processes in the near future as more and more SoC developers come to realize how quick and easy it is to add eFPGA IP to their devices."


The Australis eFPGA IP Generator, including support for the GlobalFoundries 22FDX process, is available now. Customers can begin their designs today and have a customized, ready-to-integrate eFPGA IP block in just a few weeks. For more information, please visit https://www.quicklogic.com/products/efpga/efpga-ip2.

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QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK) is a fabless semiconductor company that develops low power, multi-core semiconductor platforms and Intellectual Property (IP) for Artificial Intelligence (AI), voice and sensor processing. The solutions include embedded FPGA IP (eFPGA) for hardware acceleration and pre-processing, and heterogeneous multi-core SoCs that integrate eFPGA with other processors and peripherals. The Analytics Toolkit from our recently acquired wholly owned subsidiary, SensiML Corporation, completes the end-to-end solution with accurate sensor algorithms using AI technology. The full range of platforms, software tools and eFPGA IP enables the practical and efficient adoption of AI, voice, and sensor processing across mobile, wearable, hearable, consumer, industrial, edge and endpoint IoT. For more information, visit www.quicklogic.com and https://www.quicklogic.com/blog.

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