SensiML Uses AI Technology to Help Fight COVID-19 Global Pandemic

- Company invited to join consortium with goal to tackle COVID-19 pandemic

- AI-based cough analysis used to predict if subject has symptoms of COVID-19 infection

- Crowdsourcing effort underway to collect large dataset of cough samples

PORTLAND, Ore., May 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SensiML™ Corporation, a leading developer of AI tools for building intelligent IoT endpoints, today announced that it is collaborating on an effort to use its AI technology to help predict whether people are showing symptoms of COVID-19 infection.  One such capability involves using crowdsourcing to collect cough sounds from a large number of volunteers and then analyzing that data combined with other datasets from the consortium using the SensiML Analytics Toolkit to identify the unique cough patterns associated with COVID-19 infections.  The goal of the initiative is to give businesses, governments, healthcare, and other public facilities access to multi-sensor pre-diagnostic screening mechanisms to help slow the spread of the disease.

The initiative is supported by a consortium of companies, universities, and health organizations including Asymmetric Return Capital, SkyWater Technology, and Upward Health, an in-home and virtual care medical provider. In addition to its work with the consortium to build an enhanced screening application, SensiML plans to open-source its own crowdsourced cough sound dataset for researchers at large to access.

The concept of utilizing AI for pre-diagnostic screening of cough acoustic samples has been studied and validated in recently published academic research and is supported by ongoing projects at multiple esteemed universities.  Early published results suggest that using AI to identify coughs as a COVID-19 screening mechanism has significant potential, as the pathomorphology of the disease is distinctive from that of other respiratory diseases.

"There is tremendous need for better pre-diagnostic screening tools as return-to-work measures are put into place across the US and worldwide.  The entire SensiML team is excited by the prospect that our edge AI technology can potentially make a positive contribution to the global efforts to combat this pandemic," said Chris Rogers, SensiML CEO. 

Data Collection
To support the crowdsourcing effort, the company has set up a web-based data collection page which explains the contribution process and includes a brief (voluntary) questionnaire.  No user-identifying information is collected and all data submitted is anonymous.  Those interested in contributing a cough sample for the initiative (healthy individuals, those having other respiratory conditions, and those suspected or confirmed to have an active COVID-19 infection are encouraged to contribute) can visit:  Readers and contributors are encouraged to share the link through their own social media channels, as collecting more data will help to make the results more accurate. 

About SensiML
SensiML, a subsidiary of QuickLogic (NASDAQ: QUIK), offers cutting-edge software that enables ultra-low power IoT endpoints that implement AI to transform raw sensor data into meaningful insight at the device itself. The company's flagship solution, the SensiML Analytics Toolkit, provides an end-to-end development platform spanning data collection, labeling, algorithm and firmware auto generation, and testing. The SensiML Toolkit supports Arm® Cortex®-M class and higher microcontroller cores, Intel® x86 instruction set processors, and heterogeneous core QuickLogic SoCs and QuickAI platforms with FPGA optimizations. For more information, visit

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