DAC 2017

Jun 19–21, 2017

Additional Information

Booth Demonstration 
 Monday, June 19 - Wednesday, June 2110am - 6pm
Where: QuickLogic booth number 2015
What: QuickLogic will demonstrate how its newest ArcticPro eFPGA technology is enabling developers to create SoC and ASIC platforms that can easily be tailored to serve multiple target applications. The company will also demonstrate how ultra-low power sensor fusion is implemented on an eFPGA to offload the CPU to maximize battery life and improve performance with standby current as low as 30uA and active power consumption of 125uA.

 Tim SaxeQuickLogic's CTO
Title: "Minimizing IC Power Consumption: Top Down or Bottom up Design Methodology. What is the Starting Point?" - http://www2.dac.com/events/eventdetails.aspx?id=223-9
When: Monday, June 193:30pm - 5:00pm
Where: Ballroom G

 Mao Wang, eFPGA Product Marketing Director
What: This presentation will outline the reasons why eFPGA IP is an ideal solution to address IoT and other fragmented markets. It's inherent post-fabrication flexibility delivers lower overall product costs, the ability to add or modify features and increase product differentiation. 
Where: SMIC Booth # 1713

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